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We have been supporting by Simola Vitrified. Stone Paving Direct wholesales porcelain paving slabs to trade, and retails to public for these most quality and benefits external porcelain tiles from this famous manufacturer in the world. Stone Paving Direct Ltd has been authorized by Simola Vitrified Pvt. Ltd for marketing porcelain paving slabs under the RioStone® brand in the UK.

Mr. Rajesh Desai, the General Manager at India Simola Vitrified Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Wang Cheng (Shareholder of Stone Paving Direct Ltd.), the General Manager of China Westone Industry and Trade Co., Ltd have friendly relationship through long time business, both of two companies made a great agreement to develop SIMOLA and Stone Paving Direct Brand in the British vitrified porcelain paving market.

Customers Need to Understand Porcelain Paving Resource Background

Buying porcelain paving requires traceability of origin and factory, as there are many vitrified porcelain factories in China’s Foshan and India’s Morbi area. If there is no manufacturer’s description and test report, customers should be cautious in buying porcelain paving slabs because the quality is uneven.

The powerful equipment and high-technological production line are required on all vitrified paving slabs production to ensure the slabs have extremely sufficient density to ensure strength, water absorption and scratching resistance. Small factory presses machines are insufficient for this requirement, only the bigger factories can invest this expensive equipment to meet the quality needs.

Only Bigger Factories Produce Porcelain Paving Slabs by Expensive and High-Technological Production Line With Consistent Quality System.

Modernity Founded Experience

Simola Group is a reputed manufacturer of technically-advanced vitrified porcelain paving in full colour body, delivering a wide range of vitrified porcelain slab decor options for domestic and commercial interiors and exteriors. Located in the ceramic hub of Morbi (Gujarat, India), Simola’s modern manufacturing unit is technical aided by system, and internationally-recognized in manufacture ring machines and complete plants for the ceramics industry.

Exclusivity in design and exquisite finishes define Simola’s product offering. Buy from the quality-certified raw material and modern technology, the slabs and tiles bring the best blend of aesthetic design and lasting system. With one-of-a-kind offering from, the company, the germ-resistant tiles assure complete hygiene with a bacteria and fungi-free environment. These slabs and tiles also facilitate dry and dirt-free paving and floor which are easy to clean and fit for healthy living.

Promoted by a group who are well versed with ceramic manufacturing unit operations since the 1990、Simola is run by young and dynamic entrepreneurs who value modernity, blended with rich experience and knowledge in their business. With national and international reach, Simola is set for greater heights within the ceramic industry, marking a whole new era of design and product excellence.

Competence Powered by Modernism 

Simola’s strength lies in its world-class pioneering technology, featuring a strong technical collaboration with SYSTEM group, ensuring that the company’s ultra-modern plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and robust technological platform.

The current production utilization of plant stands at 10.000m2 ultra-tech vitrified porcelain paving slabs and floor tiles per day rendering ample capacity to meet bulk-size orders from the reputed clients. The plant also has an expansion capacity reserve of more than 30,000m2 per day to be utilized in the near future.

While a vast and spacious warehouse provides with ample storage capacity for storing the products with optimum safety, a state-of-the art testing facility is equipped with high-end testing equipment that can validate the strength, resistance and durability features of the porcelain slabs and tiles produced.

Learn About Simola Exclusivity

A private limited company based in the western-Indian ceramic hub of Gujarat-Morbi, Simola is a reputed manufacturer of technically-advanced vitrified porcelain paving slabs. floor and wall tiles; providing an exclusive range of vitrified porcelain paving options for homeowners and commercial interiors and exteriors. Simola as the name says- symbolizes a responsible, reserved, and dignified undertaking. Exclusivity in design, exquisite finishes, and a vast array of designs, defines Simola. Made from the quality certified raw material, tiles made by Simola portray the best blend of modern designs, aesthetics and lasting strength.

Porcelain paving slabs what the Stone Paving Direct Ltd selling are application ideal for domestic garden patio & driveway, commercial paving. SPD is Sole Selling Agency in the UK. 

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